Three Days in NYC: Part 1

by Beth on November 16, 2012

Or, as I like to think of it, the day I met Matthew Crawley.

But we will get to that in a few minutes. You may have already guessed from my Wordless Wednesday that I made a trip up north this weekend. In the days after Hurricane Sandy, we debated a lot about whether or not we should still head to the Big Apple. Our hotel was in Brooklyn (well, was supposed to be) and we were worried about getting into the city. But then that was a moot point when we got a call from the hotel saying it had been overtaken by FEMA to house victims of Sandy. After some scrambling, we found a place to stay in Manhattan, and we were off!

We had a lovely and uneventful drive into the city (sadly, something that wouldn’t be true about the return trip) and arrived in plenty of time to settle into our hotel room before heading towards Broadway for our two main events of the day–shows! We had two on tap for Saturday, The Heiress and Annie. Two VERY different shows, so we figured we would be good for two in one day!

I’ll admit, we picked these two shows for sort of funny reasons. We went to The Heiress because we wanted to see Matthew Crawley I mean, Dan Stevens, and Jessica Chastain. Annie was a pure nostalgia trip, since we all had been big fans of the movie as kids.

The Heiress was definitely the show winner of the weekend. It was simply AMAZING. I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone, but if you’re familiar with the Henry James novel Washington Square, or have seen either of the movies based on the novel, you’re familiar with the plot. Jessica is fantastic as the title character in the show–she really shows off her acting skills–and the rest of the wonderful cast put together a really tight show. We were all definitely on the edges of our seats for the whole performance.

And then after the show, we headed to the stage door, where we actually snagged a spot on the rail! We had a bit of a wait, but it really paid off–we got to meet, and take pictures with, Jessica and Dan. They were both super nice. Jessica just seemed really happy that everyone had come to see the show, while Dan was joking with the crowd (and correcting Eileen for thinking his Sharpie was gold with a “no actually, it’s bronze). Such a fun and memorable experience.

After all of the excitement of The Heiress, Annie was a bit of a letdown. The cast seemed to be trying a bit too hard, and the performance was almost forced in parts. Definitely not what my inner child had been hoping for.

Up next–more New York adventures!!

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Amy November 17, 2012 at 1:42 pm

That’s so awesome you met Matthew Crawley! I’m a total fangirl. :)

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