A Visit to the Williamsburg Winery

by Beth on December 6, 2012

When we were in Colonial-land visiting the great canine we made a side trip over to the Williamsburg Winery. You know me, I’m at a winery like a honey bee to a flower.

Williamsburg Winery is the largest winery in Virginia, and one of the oldest of the “new” wineries that started popping up in the last 25 years. Their wines are probably the most available of any of the Virginia wineries, particularly their Governor’s White. I’ve definitely had Governor’s White before, and remember thinking it was drinkable, but nothing particularly special.

But it turns out Williamsburg Winery is SO MUCH more than Governor’s White. The owner tries to make wines in an Old World style, but is also very conscious of what work in Virginia and what doesn’t. There is also a nice historical reverence to the place. The earliest Virginia legislature required colonists to grow grapes and make wine, and that history is reflect in the labels and styles at Williamsburg Winery.

The tour at Williamsburg was actually very good. It took the better part of an hour, and we talked about everything from the viticulture and wine making at Williamsburg, to the history of their site. I’ve been on good tours and bad, and this was definitely one of the better ones.

After the tour, it was time to taste! Always my favorite part. We tasted 8 different wines at Williamsburg. I was happy to find that we weren’t tasting Williamsburg’s best known labels, but all things that I had never had before. And they were mostly very, very good. Some of our favorites were the Claret, and a wonderful frambois style wine made from Merlot and raspberries.

At the end of the tasting, we chatted with the tour guide for a few minutes and he asked me something that made me very happy–if I was in the wine business! I told him only as a sampler. I guess he had heard our running commentary through the tour and was impressed with our knowledge. Definitely a nice way to end a visit!

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Biz December 7, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Wine+Cheese=perfect day!

Have you had the Francis Coppola Claret? It’s one of our favorites. Its about $20 a bottle and we buy it for special occassion dinners at home.


Happy Friday B!

Beth December 7, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Biz, we’ll have to try that!

Lisa December 11, 2012 at 2:36 pm

I LOVE wine tasting. One of my favorite hobbies. It’s easy to do because I live in Oregon, land of fantastic wineries. :)

Ms. Glaze December 17, 2012 at 2:16 pm

So Cool! My sister lives in Williamsburg (she’s a California transplant) and I’m sure she will love this post and opportunity to wine taste. And now I will have something to show her when I come to town!

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