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by Beth on February 25, 2013

So yeah, I know the blogging has been a bit irregular around here. There’s a good reason for it and a simple way of putting it is that the life I don’t talk about on the internet is off the hook busy right now. It’s a good thing though, and I’m focusing on holding on, making the most of the experience, and enjoying the ride.

prospect park

I actually ran while in NYC last weekend, something I’ve always failed to do in the past. 11 hilly miles, done and done!

But one thing I did want to talk about is my running. I know you’re probably thinking “what running” since I haven’t said a single word about my beloved hobby/sport since my defeat of the flu at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. But I’ve been running, and running HARD. In fact (and I am almost loathe to type this, just I feel like I’ll jinx myself), this may be the best training cycle I’ve ever had. I’m using a Matt Fitzgerald training plan, I’m targeting specific paces for my long runs for the first time, and I’ve cranked up the mileage and the speedwork. And it’s going really, really well.

greenwood on a run

more NYC running! Brooklyn definitely seemed more running friendly that Manhattan would have been.

The other thing that I’m doing for the first time (and what I think is really making a difference) is runner specific strength training. It’s only another 10 minutes added to my workout, but it’s making such a difference. I realized that I needed to do something to break my injury cycle, and after talking to my PT, I realized that strength training was where it was at. And so far, it’s paying off.

So what is all this training for? Well two things, sort of. The first is the Rock N’ Roll DC Half Marathon on March 16th. After Philly in 2011, I swore up and down that I would never run another RNR race. But then I took too long to register for the B&A Trail Half Marathon, and RNR DC was the only thing convenient that fit into my schedule. I snoozed, I lost. Boo. But hopefully DC will be kind to me. I have a definite time goal for DC. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to put it out there (some folks know), but based on my training, I think it’s attainable.

these ladies

The other thing is the Kelly St. Patrick’s Day 5k, a fun 5k with these ladies and basically most of my friends on March 10. Kelly is a HUGE race (this will be our third year there) so it’s not really the place to run super fast, but it might be fun to see how it goes. Since my current 5k and 10k training paces are well below the pace my 5k PR was run at, I should have a decent showing.

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Biz February 25, 2013 at 2:26 pm

That’s awesome B!! So glad things are going great in the running department. I never used to stretch and now I feel so bad when I don’t – makes all the difference!

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