Steakhouse 55

by Beth on September 22, 2013

On last year’s trip to Disneyland, we had a pretty mixed dining experience. The counter service stuff was good, the table service (sit down) was overpriced for what it was. So when we were researching dining for this year, I wasn’t terribly excited about anything. But when Charrissa suggested we try Steakhouse 55, which is the premier restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel, we were game. It was Charrissa and Derek’s anniversary, after the race, and Noel is pretty much always up for steak.

My first impression of Steakhouse 55, which is tucked into a corner of the hotel, was that it was VERY understated for a Disney restaurant. No over the top themeing, no Mickey napkins, no Disney at all really other than pictures of Walt and his Hollywood friends on the walls. The menu is simple, one clean page, but was clearly full of top quality items. Soon after sitting down, Derek and I fretted over the wine list, and our server (who was fantastic) offered to take us into the wine room so we could sample different wines before making our selection. The wine room at a top flight restaurant? I think I leap out of my chair. It’s amazing I didn’t knock the waiter over.

After generous “tastes” of six different, but all delicious, California wines, we settled on this Provenance Merlot. Which was a bit shocking for me, because I’m normally not much of a Merlot fan. But this was more like a merlot/cab than a straight merlot, and I always love a meritage style blend.

We started with the scallops appetizer. They were perfect, which was good, since I was doubtful about the quality of scallops on the west coast (I always think of big scallops as being from the Atlantic, apparently they are in the Pacific too!) The green sauce really complimented the tender scallop.

We then moved on to our entrees. In true steakhouse fashion, everything at Steakhouse 55 is a la carte, meaning you order your meat, and then order family style sides to share with the table. We ordered three sides, but I was confused when my entree–the Halibut–came out with a side as well. Oh well, it was delicious. I’ve found that it can be hard to get good Halibut on the East Coast, so I was definitely excited to order it on the left coast!

Charrissa, Derek, and Noel all had steaks. And in an epic blogger fail, I didn’t get pictures of any of them. But I got blurry pictures of our sides!! I blame the Manhattans I had pre-meal. But Noel assures me the steak was excellent.

And then, the surprise! As an anniversary gift, Charrissa had (secretly) ordered Derek a shot of Louis XIII cognac at the start of our meal. The look on Derek’s face as he saw the bottle come out, wondered who it was for, then realized it was for HIM was PRICELESS. The table side presentation was really nice and Derek was thrilled.

Last but not least, dessert! Noel and I had the creme brulee. It was okay.

Charrissa wisely chose the 24 layer chocolate cake. Amazingly good. Richness that pushed you right up to the edge, but didn’t push you over. Okay, maybe I’m visualizing it now.

All in all, a great meal. Definitely on the list of my top five Disney dining experiences (not counting special events. Frunch, you still have my heart for that. I may be counting the days…20!!)

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