Eileen’s Surprise 30th

by Beth on March 17, 2014

Last weekend we celebrated Eileen’s big 3-0 in a big way–with a big surprise party at Boordy Vineyards!

Eileen was truly surprised, and I think she was really happy to see everyone. We had a huge spread of food thanks to everyone’s generous potluck and of course, lots and lots of wine!

It was a big party and lots of fun–I mean what’s not to love about a big gathering of a good group of people at one of our favorite wineries–but for me one of the most exciting parts was the planning and scheming leading up to the party! Carlos and I spent about two months planning and preparing for the party. There were a whole series of very elaborate lies told, including a decoy birthday brunch! At one point we were trying to figure out how to keep Eileen from inviting people to the decoy event and then invite them to the real event instead! And I was asking Eileen what the weekend plans were to throw her off the trail.

But for me in particular, there were two points of deception. I made wine glass charms as favors for the party, and for the week before hand I was CONSTANTLY hiding them :-) No sooner would I get them out, then Eileen would be coming so I would need to squirrel them away again! They were a big hit though! I did words that made me think of Eileen, plus special charms for the suspects. They were easy enough and cute when done–boy is having a Michaels in my neighborhood now dangerous!

The other was the CAKE! Of course I had to make Eileen a cake for her birthday! To make sure she didn’t find out, Carlos took her out for a special date night on Friday night while I stayed home and iced and assembled. I tried to pass the whole thing as a lazy Friday night by posting an instagram of myself watching Mary Poppins and drinking wine–but I was actually hard at work!

All, in all, it was so much fun, and so worth it to surprise one of my best friends on her big day. A very fun event, and a very fun weekend to welcome Eileen to my decade!

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eileendv March 21, 2014 at 12:55 pm

This was probably the most special birthday event I have EVER had. When I walked into that room with SO many people there who love me it was overwhelming! In the week leading up to my 30th birthday, I was really starting to think that Carlos had fallen down on the job, and that I was going to have to plan my own birthday brunch. Little did I know that my mind would be blown away by my best friend and my awesome husband!! (As well as all the people who showed up and put in so much effort to bring food, and non alcoholic beverages and presents, and hid it all from me!) Thank you, Beth, so much, for making this the best and most memorable birthday weekend ever. I love you!

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