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by Beth on April 29, 2014

I have some really exciting running related news…but first a step in between!

On Saturday April 12 I did something a little crazy. I had a long run scheduled (not that crazy, except for the fact that I’ve done long runs on Sunday this cycle and spinning on Saturdays). The crazy thing was that the 11 miles on my schedule was broken into 2 parts–a 5 mile easy “warm up” and a 10k harder effort–in the form of a race! Lucky for me, the warmup was just about the distance from my house to the race start. So I left early and headed for the other side of the water. I took it easy (especially for me this cycle–my LR pace has dropped quite a bit this cycle) and enjoyed the scenery around the harbor, knowing that going out too fast would have serious consequences in the rest of the run that laid ahead of me.

I ran to Charm City Run in McHenry Row where the race started and met up with Noel, Carlos and Eileen. They had been nice enough to bring me another shirt, so I switched into my race look and got ready to line up. My goal for this portion of the run was to do a faster pace–something 15-30 seconds faster than my long run pace. Before I knew it we were lining up and listening to Boston survivor Erica Brannock encourage us all to give our best.

I was able to keep my target pace for the first half mile or so, and then I found my pace quickly dropping. The weather was beautiful, and I was running MY city, on a beautiful course. I really picked up speed during mile three, which featured a huge downhill, and then never really slowed down. It was one of those moments while running where everything was just clicking and I felt like I was flying–such a great feeling!

I did slow a tiny bit in the last half mile–we were running uphill and in the sun, and I was getting hot. But I didn’t slow anything like I had expected to, showing me how much I’ve improved as a runner this cycle. I just felt so much stronger. No huge fade at the end, or struggling hard to keep going. I finished in 55.47–just about 30 seconds over my 10k PR (a theme for this cycle??) feeling great. I met up with Eileen and watched the rest of our group and the tons of friends we had running the race cross the finish line.

I even got to run Noel the last bit into the finish line.

All in all a very successful “long run”. I proved to myself that this cycle was clicking, and that I was stronger than I had thought. I also felt like I had more to give, which was a very good sign for my goal half marathon that was just two weeks later.

And really, this was all just a warm up for a little afternoon fun–the Decanter Wine Festival at Pimlico Race Track. Horse racing and wine? Yes, please!!

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eileendv April 30, 2014 at 7:48 pm

Gah! I wish I had known you were doing a post on this! I have a few pics from the opening speech!! Oh well!

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