So what is 990 Square?  If you want to be technical it’s our house–our little piece of Southeast Baltimore, contained within hundred year old brick walls.  But really, we think it’s more.  It’s a place where we love fresh food, friends, and good times.  A place where we’re not scared to take on big cooking projects even if we just have a little strip of countertop and a windowsill.  It’s also a place where we love Baltimore, so don’t be surprised if we share our fair city every once in a while.

We’re a little addicted to finding the perfect recipes and trying them out here.  Want to come by for a taste?

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990 Square Photography

All of our photos are taken by me (Beth), except for when they’re taken by Noel–which is usually because my hands are too messy to touch the camera!

The majority of them are taken on our Nikon D5000 DSLR. This camera has completely changed the way we compose and take pictures and I give it full responsibility for how great some of the pictures on this site are. As I am fond of saying, I’m just a regular girl with a great camera.

The Author

me and a torch

I’m Beth. Just Beth–not Elizabeth, or Bethany, or anything else for that matter–in case you were curious. Baking has always been something that has brought me a lot of joy, and I started this blog to document my baking adventures and the joy that it brings me. I don’t come from a long line of great bakers, so I’m mostly self-taught with A LOT of help from my friends. And the interwebs.

It’s a learning process, but I’m loving every minute of it!


990 Square’s post on the 38th Annual Monument Lighting was featured in the Tuesday, December 8 issue of the online magazine BMORE Media. Check it out–One Baltimoreans take on annual Xmas Monument lighting


In September 2009, 990 Square was nominated for a Mobbie – the Baltimore Sun’s contest for Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs! The contest ran through October 9, 2009. Check back to see how we did!*

*Update: Thanks to all of your support and votes, 990 Square was the runner-up in the Personal category of the Mobbies! Because the winner of the personal category also won another category, 990 Square is going to be featured in an ad campaign on BaltimoreSun.com. I will post the link once it’s live!

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